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Unreal business & brand presentations.

For a sustainable business world, embrace virtual

We make powerful, life-like virtual branded stages. For presentations, product launches, live-streams, hybrid events and more.

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Imagine a truly engaging online business experience

Leverage emerging technology from film and TV for your brand or business presentation, town-hall, stakeholder report or product launch.


Engaging, powerful & impressive virtual business studios to support a sustainable future

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Why Choose Us and a Virtual Studio

Bring the impossible to life

Bring nanotechnology or industrial mega-machines into your boardroom presentations with a lifelike presence. Our use of 3d modelling allows you to showcase your products in mind-bending reality.

Impress your clients

Show your partners, staff and stakeholders how much you value them by presenting from your own engaging platform.

Live stream your annual financial results, new product launches or important business pitch in style.

Elevate your brand & business

Elevate your brand away from nameless video-conferencing tools and

charmless video calls. Financial reports and product launches come to life when

presented from your own stage.

Sustainable & reduced Co2

Product demonstrations, new product launches or sales pitches can be delivered in stunning clarity and reality without the need to get back on planes for Co2 burning business trips. Save money and still wow your audience.


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Hybrid events

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Product launches

Satisfied Customers

We didn't want to pay more than £450 for anything creative but we are so glad we did. These guys showed us that this industry isn't just letter-headed paper and notepads.  My nephew defo can't do this on his iPad.

Financial business

Using Bear for our town halls was the best decision we ever made. Now we save over 500 tonnes of Co2 annually.

Liberty Mutual

We chose to use BVX and never looked back - absolutely blew our minds. We've delivered over 76 live presentations to our customers in stunning detail and life-like reality.

British Aerospace

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your next presentation

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Service Areas:

San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo

500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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